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All Safari and other bookings will deemed to have been finalized in Aursha. Our company has the right to decline bookings with out reason or explanation.


A minimum deposit in the amount of 30% is required to secure a booking. The 30% deposit is considered part of the total payment and the outstanding 70% must be paid in full 1 month (4 weeks/30 days) prior to beginning the excursion. If the outstanding amount is not paid in full before the excursion before the 1month period our company has the right to cancel the booking and the deposit forfeited by the client unless there are special circumstances such as natural disasters. Agents or Client wishing to book within 1 month of the commencement of excursion must pay the entire amount in full to secure and reserve a booking.

Banking payment procedures must be conducted by the Agent or Client. The amount quoted on the invoice from our company is the actual amount that must be paid in full to our account, meaning that all bank transaction fees must be paid for by the Agent or Client. Should the invoice balance be incorrect due to not factoring in bank charges the Agent or Client will be billed again with an invoice for the outstanding amount.


An amendment charge of $45 USD will be charged for changes to excursion (i.e. hotel or lodge bookings, addition of participants, flight booking changes, flight date changes, excursion rout alterations etc.)


All pertinent travel documentation is required on the person traveling at all times. Travel documents required are passport, immunization/vaccination certificates, visas, and or other specific health documents for those with special conditions (i.e. Diabetes, heart conditions, epilepsy, and other illnesses that require medicine etc.). Before excursion departure people with special case diseases or conditions must notify their guide to their condition and medication they will be taking.

Our Company will not be held responsible for consequences to not adhering to local laws and or not abiding by the terms and conditions listed.


Our company will not be responsible for clients baggage or personal effects, we urge clients to take care of their belongings and not leave them unattended (in hotels, airports, in public etc.) whilst commuting to our secure Safari vehicles.